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Value Pricing

Abbott Cards' Unique Savings Opportunity!
The more cards you buy, the lower your price per card.

Take a look at our price list:

Quantity Price per Card Your Total Price
125 $1.44 $180.00
250 $.80 $200.00
500 $.54 $270.00
1,000 $.36 $360.00
2,000 $.34 $680.00
3,000 $.34 $1020.00
  • Order different card styles and base your price on the total quantity of cards ordered.
  • Value pricing lets you order different card styles in smaller quantities to reach the minimum total order of 125 cards.

Value Pricing will automatically be calculated when you place your order. Here are some examples of value pricing:

Order 500 “We Appreciate Your Business” Cards and 500 “Thank You” Cards for a total order quantity of 1000 cards at the Value Price of $360.

Order 75 “Thank You” Cards and 50 “Birthday” Cards for a total order quantity of 125 cards at the Value Price of $180.

Need Help Value Pricing Your Order?

If you would like additional help value pricing your order, please call 1-800-325-2231 and we will be happy to calculate your SAVINGS!


You and your company are a living example of good customer service. You do not only sell the concept, you live it.

Alvaro Castellanos

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